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Case Study

Five into One: Procore Consolidates the Green Way Vision

Heavy machinery taring down an old two-story building

The Challenge

Green Way wanted to refine its multiple systems and operate from a central communication and project management platform. Green Way found it challenging to manage five different systems across health and safety, time-keeping, business management, spreadsheets and documents. Safety and compliance were vitally important for the company—it needed to maintain its ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, and AS/NZS4801 accreditation while harnessing substantial growth.

The Solution

Green Way has been using Procore for multiple projects over the years at the request of various head contractors as the solution was gaining momentum. It felt confident Procore outperformed Aconex when it came to flexibility, seamless integration and an easy to use mobile field app. Today, Green Way trusts Procore Project Management, Project Financials, Quality & Safety, Invoice Management and Bid Management to integrate with Xero and Office365.

"It was difficult to extract information from the multiple software solutions we had tried to integrate ourselves. Today, we are growing, we need a solution that can help support both our subcontractor and, increasingly main contractor responsibilities. We feel Procore is helping to build our professional reputation and larger project management skills. It makes our clients feel more at ease."

Procore connected five systems into one central platform––providing new levels of automation and 100% visibility into projects.

Photo of Sebastian Jonsson from Green Way

Sebastian Jonsson


Heavy machinery outside a rehabilitation project

The Story

Green Way believed it had 'pretty solid systems in place'. However, using five separate software systems meant dealing with siloed information that took too much time to locate. Managing hard copy documents was also problematic. A team member was often required to scan project documents into the server; as projects grew in size and number, so did the need for manual management of records. Green Way attempted to resolve this data issue by implementing task management and collaboration tool Asana and then relying on SharePoint for document control and management. However, both tools didn’t meet Green Way’s demands for the customisation, flexibility and transparency. 

"If the team didn’t know where to look, they couldn’t find the information," Sebastian Jonsson said. "As subcontractor numbers grew, so did the need to rationalise how information was stored, located and used."

Removing old metal roof panels

Transforming Client Communications

Green Way went ahead and implemented Procore on projects with more than three months to go to completion. Procore is now live across its entire business, and it has integrated a transparent finance function into its operations for the first time. It has transformed how Green Way communicates with clients and delivers the confidence the team needed. "Like any good change management program, we kicked off with something we needed to solve. RFIs were our initial pain point that needed attention," said Jonsson. "We used to worry about which clients had received RFIs and had to trawl through emails. Today, we can confirm details with a transparent communications process and locate information in under 10 seconds. Procore gave us the peace of mind we were looking for."

Greenway trailer parked outside jobsite

Real-time access and tracking

With deconstruction services, including the removal of asbestos, transparent pre-start and completion inspections are vital for compliance and quality control. Gone are the days when it took a part-time resource to calculate health and safety data manually. With Procore, Green Way can now monitor projects in real-time to ensure they don’t make costly mistakes and remain compliant. "Having real-time access to critical information also supports our quality, health and safety auditing. We hand an iPad to the auditor, and they can access information faster than they could reviewing paperwork." This new increased visibility and integration have also benefited the Accounts Department. Integration with Xero now easily tracks cashflow and invoices daily, and the company no longer has to rely on the previous once a month report. "Without needing so much manual intervention, Procore has helped us rationalise our headcount. Where we can automate tasks and workflows and reduce salary costs we have. It's vital in this type of operating environment we remain focused on the bottom line for our future," Jonsson confirmed.

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